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Welcome to Rome in a Bite

Rome in a Bite is not just a restaurant, but a Roman experience. In our Deli section, you can buy typical Italian products or you can order the best specialties of Roman cuisine. The experience will whisk you away to experience being in Rome for a moment, with the atmosphere and the smells that you can only find in the alleys of ancient Rome. You can choose to buy our authentic Italian products and cook real Italian food in your home (we may even share a recipe or two) or order food from our mouth-watering menu options to take home and enjoy with the soft glow of candlelight and some aged red wine.
Bread, sweets, Pinsa Romana, cold cuts, cheeses and many other products are always prepared fresh for your needs.

Why is it called Pinsa?

Did you know that Pinsa comes from the Latin “Pinsere” which in Italian means to stretch – to stretch out?
What we could more correctly call “modern Roman Pinsa” is a reinterpretation of an ancient recipe that dates back to the time of Ancient Rome, reworked thanks to today’s ingredients and processing techniques.
The recipe as an original idea takes shape from an ancient product that came from the peasant populations outside the walls, who thanks to the grinding of cereals (millet, barley and spelled) and with the addition of salt and aromatic herbs, they cooked these schiacciatine or focaccia .
The term Pinsa derives precisely from the Latin Pinsere: stretch-crush. This classic recipe over the centuries has undergone several reinterpretations, up to the present day.
The main features of the Roman Pinsa are:
The oval shape
Friability (crisp on the edges and soft on the inside)
Digestibility (thanks to different leavening-ripening techniques)
The only and original mix of flours.

More than just Pizza!

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